The project “Outdoor Academy coaching and outdoor education in youth field” is a broad activities based on wide partner’s cooperation, involving organizations from Poland, Italy, Greece, Germany and Romania.

The project will run from 1 February 2017 to 30 August 2018, is aimed in frame of international partnership to work out solutions, based on outdoor education and coaching methods, contributing to the improvement of the quality of work in the youth sector, as well as directly to the development of competencies and skills trainers, educators of youth.

The objectives are the development of leadership skills, communications, building an enterprising attitude and spirit of initiative and promote a healthy and active lifestyle among young people.

As an outcome of actions arise results in the form of innovative educational tools: 6-month educational program for young people based on the process work supporting the development of entrepreneurial activity, leadership skills and communication and also guide for trainers and educators in the field of outdoor and coaching.

The project will bring together over 100 young people, as well as about 20 experts, trainers and youth workers, and teams of partner organizations.

As part of the results dissemination tools developed will be tested and implemented in the partner organizations.

Prepared educational program will be implemented as the base of regular after project activities with youngsters among partner organizations, as well among new developing network of organizations working with outdoor education methods. Guide for trainers will be on of the main lecture during all planned trainings, exchanges and youth projects in international and local context.

On more effect will be developing regular youth exchange, youth initiatives and training based on outdoor education, involving network partners, as well new ones.

We are running pilot courses within our program in every partners country.

It’s also busy time with organizing promotional event to disseminate our work and outcomes.
Each partner organize different form of meetings, workshops and seminars for volunteers, organizations, trainers, representative of educational institutions.